Know About Afghanistan

Afghanistan is not a terrorism country, but a tourism country.

Afghanistan has taken from two combined words:

  • 1st  (Afghan) means people of Afghanistan.
  • 2nd (stan) in Farsi means a place or region where people live.

Afghanistan had different names. It’s first name was Ariana and later it became Bakhtar, then it changed to Khurasan and finally at the beginning of the empire of Ahmad Shah Abdali in 1747 AD, it took the name of Afghanistan.

Afghanistan has 34 provinces; Kabul is the capital of Afghanistan. Balkh (Mazar-e-Sharif), Herat, Nangarhar (Jalalabad) and Kandahar are the main provinces of Afghanistan. Pashto and Dari are the national languages of Afghanistan. But we have many local languages like (Pahshai, Balochi, Aimaq, Qezeli…).

Ancient Places in Afghanistan:

Afghanistan is an ancient country whose historical monuments have been found as far back as 5000 years ago.

You can find ancient and sightseeing places in each province of Afghanistan. We are here to introduce the beauties, ancient places and customs of Afghanistan, globally.

Customs of Afghanistan

i. Type of Clothing
ii. Afghanistan Local Foods
iii. Hospitality
i. Type of Clothing:
  1. Afghan Local Cloths (Men, Women)
  2. Turban
  3. Afghani Chapan
  4. Hat (Kandahari Hat, Pakol Hat, Pheasant Hat)
  5. Blanket (Patoo)
  6. Afghani Scarf
  7. Burka (Chaderi)
ii. Afghanistan Local Foods:
  1. Afghani Soup
  2. Kolokhi
  3. Bolani
  4. Kechre Qorot
  5. Manto
  6. Qabuli
  7. Ashak


iii. Hospitality:

One of the characteristics of the people of Afghanistan is this that they are very hospitable people. The people of Afghanistan hosts the guests in a very great manner and it doesn’t whether the guest is a stranger or relative. Afghans has a great name in hospitality in all over the world.

If you found these information useful about Afghanistan, you can visit the Ancient Places of Afghanistan as well.

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