Bamiyan The Ancient Province of Afghanistan

Bamiyan province is one of the ancient provinces of Afghanistan, its center is Bamiyan city. Bamiyan province has many ancient places. The most popular and ancient places of Bamiyan are Bamiyan Bhuda, The Screaming City (Shahr-e-Gholghola) and Amir Lake (Band-e-Amir).

Ancient Places in Bamiyan:

  • Bamyan Bhuda
  • The Screaming City (Shahr-e-Gholghola)
  • Amir Lake (Band-e-Amir)

Bamiyan Bhuda:

Best Ancient Places in Bamiyan Afghanistan

The Bamiyan Bhuda statue is the biggest statue in the world which curved in the mountain in Bamiyan province of Afghanistan. There are many stories about the making of Bamiyan Buddha’s statue.

Archaeologists say that these statue were probably built between 300 and 400 AD, and some believe that the construction of Buddha statue started 800 years before the birth of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him-PBUH).

The Screaming City (Shahr-e-Gholghola):


The screaming city was built in 600 AD. According to most historians, the screaming city was built by king (Alauddin Jahansuz) during the reign of the Ghoris, And after that, it remained the capital of this family’s rule for many years.

This city was destroyed by Genghis Khan one of the Mughal emperors.

Due to its historical features, this city has been registered as a world cultural heritage in the UNESCO list since 2012.

Since 2001, the government of Afghanistan with the help of Italy under the supervision of UNESCO tried to rebuild this city, and the work is still going on.

Amir Lake (Band Amir):


The unique lake of Amir is located 75 km far from the city of Bamiyan in the center of Afghanistan and it is considered one of the best tourist areas of this country.

According to the belief of the people, Amir Lake was built by Imam Ali (Imam Ali was cousin of Muhammad (PBUH) and the fourth caliph of Muslims), therefor the title of Amir is also taken from the title of Imam Ali (RA or AS).

Amir Lake is one of the seven best lakes in the world.

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