Ghazni The Central Province of Afghanistan

Ghazni province is one of those provinces that has many ancient places like Kabul, Bamiyan and Herat province. Ghazni city is the center of Ghazni province. Ghazni province has a number of ancient places. The ancient places in Ghazni are: Ghazni Bala Hesar Fort (Qala-e- Bala Hesar Ghazni), Ghazni Towers and Ghazni museum.

Ancient Places in Ghazni:

  • Ghazni Bala Hesar Fort (Qala-e- Bala Hesar Ghazni)
  • Ghazni Towers
  • Ghazni museum

Ghazni Bala Hesar Fort (Qala-e- Bala Hesar Ghazni):

Ancient Places in Ghazni

Ghazni Bala Hesar Fort (Qala-e- Bala Hesar Ghazni) previously, it was Sultan Mahmood Ghaznavi’s Palace. Its history goes back to about four thousand (4000) years ago.

Ghazni Towers:

Ghazni Towers are two towers that can be seen in the east of the current city of Ghazni, which one remains from the (3rd Masood) kingdom and the other one from the reign of Bahram Shah (the last king of the Ghaznavis / the first half of the 12th century AC).

What made these two towers so famous is the architecture and artistic style used in the construction of these Towers.

Ghazni Museum:

Ghazni Museum is one of the sightseeing places of this city. Many historical artifacts were kept in this museum which the history of some of them goes back to before Islam.

Ghazni Museum has more than one thousand Ancient things from Islamic period and (1200) Antiquities belonging to the Buddha and kept in the depot of this museum. Now its gate has been closed to everyone for years.

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