Ancient Places in Kabul Afghanistan

Kabul The Capital of Afghanistan

Afghanistan has 34 provinces; Kabul is the capital of Afghanistan. Each province of Afghanistan has a whole number of ancient and sightseeing places you can visit. Kabul The Capital of Afghanistan has many ancient places like Kabul Bala Hesar Fort, Straw Street (Birds Street), Chehelseton Palace, Zanborak Shah and Zambilak Shah Wall, Qargha Lake, Shah-e-Do Shamsheera (The King of Two Swords), Afghanistan National Musuem (Kabul) & etc.

Ancient Places in Kabul:

  • Bala Hesar Fort
  • Kah Foroshi (Births Market)
  • Chehelseton Garden & Palace
  • Zamborak Shah & Zambelak Shah Wall
  • Qargha Lake
  • Shah-e-Doshamshera

Kabul Bala Hesar Fort:

Ancient Places in Kabul

Bala Hesar Fort is one of the historical monuments of Kabul province. This ancient place was built before Islam and around the fifth century AD during the Yaftali’s kingdom.

In this fort, there have been buildings, gardens, Buddhist temples, churches and mosques in different kingdoms.

Straw Street (Births street):

The Births street or Straw street history goes back to more than 200 years ago, The appearance and shops of this street show that this is a historical place, Colorful birds and small shops (which made by clay) are the first thing that attracts the attention of every viewer.

A bird’s voice is like a melodious prisoner who comforts those around her.

Chehelseton Palace:

Chehelseton Palace is one of the historical monuments of Afghanistan, which is located in Kabul the center of Afghanistan. This is an historical palace. This palace has built in 1796 by Shah Zaman Sadozai.

Zanborak Shah and Zambilak Shah Wall:

Zanborak Shah and Zambilak Shah Wall is one of the historical monuments of Afghanistan which is located in Kabul. This wall history goes back to more than 1400 years ago.

Qargha Lake:

Qargha lake is one of the sightseeing places in Kabul city. In spring and summer seasons many families and the people of Kabul city go there and spend their weekend holidays.

(The King Of Two Swords)  Shah-e- Do Shamsheera:

Shah-e-Do Shamsheera (The King of Two Swords) was a furious person ,after the destruction of the Kabul wall by a catapult, he kills the soldiers of Kabul by two swords in his two hands. He was in war with two swords with Kabulian soldiers, until he was killed where this Mosque has located and buried there. After the complete conquest of muslims they built a mosque next to his grave and named (Shah-e-Do Shamsheera Mosque).

Afghanistan National Museum (Kabul):

Each of the ancient artifacts in the national museum of Afghanistan was explored from Afghanistan, therefore this is one of the most remarkable attractions of the National Museum of Afghanistan, and It has been organized with the help of an international team of museum experts.

Before the civil wars, the National Museum of Afghanistan was one of the richest museums in the region.

Until 1992, this museum housed nearly one hundred thousand ancient artifacts of the country and a famous collection of 35,000 coins, and it was one of the important tourist attractions of Afghanistan.

During the wars of the 1990s, many of its treasures were looted, and it was smuggled to European countries through Pakistan and was bought and sold in various auctions.

The history of archaeological activities in Afghanistan goes back to 1833 AD, When the officers of the British East India Company, Indian army and Afghan border agents and tourists like (Charles Masson) They supervision the ancient treasures of Afghanistan, and they collected small and precious collections.

The National Museum of Afghanistan was established for the first time in 1918 AD in the Bagh Bala area of ​​Kabul.

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